30 in 30: FIFA 21 Fodder FC

30 in 30 is a series of 30 investing and trading tips, 1 posted each day over the course of September leading up to the FIFA 21 release in October. Below is a list of the tips we have seen already.

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  23. FIFA 21 Fodder FC

Yesterday EA released the Top 1000 Ratings for FIFA 21. They can be found here.

From season to season, ratings change. Some players become usable in-game, and some players change their status to ‘fodder’ – a card who’s price is tied to their SBC value.

A club that has a high amount of ‘fodder’ often becomes one of the most profitable targets for investment due to the strong links their players offer for chemistry purposes.

In FIFA 19, Fodder FC was Arsenal; Sokratis, Leno, Lacazette, and Mkhitaryan showed up frequently in cheapest solutions that year.

In FIFA 20, Lazio was your best fodder club option; Acerbi, Luis Alberto, Lucas Leiva, and Milinkovic-Savic had mediocre stats but were constantly among the cheapest for their respective ratings.

For FIFA 21, Lazio remains a solid Fodder FC option, and joining them is Atletico Madrid:

Lazio FIFA 21 Fodder

Luis Alberto – 85 rated (up from 84 in FIFA 20) and good Spanish links

Milinkovic-Savic – 85 rated and provides the CM connection to CDM Lucas Leiva and CAM Luis Alberto

Lucas Leiva – 84 rated, good Brazilian links, and connects CB Acerbi to CM Milinkovic-Savic

Acerbi – 83 rated, good Italian links, connects CDM Leiva to GK Strakosha, and is a CB (defenders tend to perform better than other positions)

Strakosha – 83 rated (up from 82 in FIFA 20) and strong link to Acerbi

Atletico FIFA 21 Fodder

Koke – 85 rated with good Spanish links

Felipe – 84 rated with good Brazilian links and provides a chemistry triangle between Giménez and one of the CMs

Partey – 84 rated, but might be expensive early on due to his good stats

Saúl – 84 rated with good Spanish links

Giménez – 84 rated (down from 85 in FIFA 20) and provides a chemistry triangle between Giménez and one of the CMs

Trippier – 83 rated (up from 80 in FIFA 20) and has the best fodder position