30 in 30: Using TOTW Watch

30 in 30 is a series of 30 investing and trading tips, 1 posted each day over the course of September leading up to the FIFA 21 release in October. Below is a list of the tips we have seen already.

  1. TOTW Investing
  2. OOP TOTW Golds
  3. SBC Gems
  4. Perfect Positions
  5. Frequent Acronyms
  6. EA Tax
  7. ROI Potential
  8. MM Investing
  9. High Traffic Times
  10. Promo Investing
  11. Icons and WL Rewards
  12. Quick Sell Values
  13. Live Cards
  14. Two Birds One Stone
  15. Chief’s Buy Price
  16. Listing for Lazies
  17. New Filters
  18. UCL MM
  19. Price Ranges
  20. FUTBIN Indexes
  21. Best of CBP
  22. Opportunity Cost
  23. FIFA 21 Fodder FC
  24. Investment Squads
  25. Dollar-Cost Averaging
  26. Icon SBCs
  27. Using TOTW Watch

Team of the Week 1 for FIFA 21 will come next Wednesday, September 30th. If you haven’t seen already, I posted the first TOTW Watch yesterday and have been updating as fixtures finish.

While this TOTW Watch can’t be used for investing purposes (since the web app isn’t out yet), future TOTW Watches will be helpful in deciding which players are the best looks.

When a player receives a TOTW card, their respective gold card goes OOP for the week that it is in packs. This cut in supply often causes for prices increases.

Investors anticipate these price increases, too, so typically a gold card will begin to increase in value after their TOTW worthy performance on the weekend and continue to rise leading up to the Wednesday announcement. This is why it is important to stay updated on who is most likely to make it in TOTW.

Generally, I like to focus my gold investments on defenders – they tend to go up more than any other position while OOP (see Perfect Positions article). Wingers aren’t bad, either.

Using TOTW 1 Watch as an example, my favorite look would be Ruben Dias. He has a good position, nation, and his rating is high enough to be useful for SBCs (I typically don’t like investing in cards that are below 80).

While I do generally make specific posts about gold OOP investments, keeping tabs on my TOTW Watch can put you ahead of the game as you may be able to grab those investments before I put out the article to the public.