Player Review: Inform Neymar

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my first review for Let’s begin with a little introduction. I’ve been a part of Chief’s discord since April 2019. First as a subscriber and for FIFA 20 as a moderator. I’m an average FUT player with my best Weekend League finish being 21 wins. On average I get to gold 3 or 2 with some games to spare. Last year I was in Division 3 before the Rivals division revision. I went to Division 1 and stayed there till the end. This year I’ve been hovering between Division 4 and 6, with most my time spent in Division 5. Hence the name “YourAverageFuttie”.


The first card we’re looking at is Neymar’s first In Form. When he got this CAM card I knew I had to have him. I did the Atal Futmas sbc and he was a bit hard to get on full chem till Neymar came along. He, Marquinhos and Atal form a lovely little chemistry triangle. They’re part of a very fun team, which I’m enjoying very much at the moment.

  • Positions played: LST in 352 and 532 and LCAM in 4231
  • Chemistry Style: Finisher
  • Games Played: 20
  • Goals/Assists: 20/23
  • Game mode: Rivals

Squad used in

Shooting & Passing

This category could be very short if you’d just take a look at his goals and assists. One goal and more than one assist per game on average is crazy for one of my strikers. Not even OP Cruyff from last year had stats like that. His 5* Weak Foot is obviously a huge help with both stats. When you get him free in or near the box, don’t hesitate to shoot. Regardless of which foot he’s on, you can expect it to go towards one of the corners. What if you can’t get him free to shoot? Don’t worry, just look for a teammate and watch him deliver a pinpoint pass.

  • Shooting: 9.7/10
  • Passing9.6/10

Pace & Dribbling

I am not a complete pace whore so his base pace of 92 is more than enough for me to get away from defenders. Give him an inch of space and he’s gone. His acceleration is virtually instant. Combine this with his amazing dribbling and 5* skills and you shouldn’t worry about defenders getting anywhere near you. I can’t get enough of his scoop turns, his heel to heels, his fake shots and his Ronaldo chops. He just wriggles through the tightest spaces where you wouldn’t normally dream of going through.

  • Pace: 9/10
  • Dribbling: 10/10

Physical and Defending

However when you do get too close to a defender, or make a wrong move or a wrong turn. You will get pushed off the ball. Don’t even hope to recover it either. He is like a chihuahua trying to attack a Rottweiler. He doesn’t stand a chance. He is not as weak as Insigne or Mertens, but it’s close. For me however this doesn’t matter, because even if you use stronger cards, they still get bullied by Virgil.

  • Physical: 2/10
  • Defending: N/A

Rating: 9.9/10

This card is made for me. He combines everything I want from a striker: Pace, Passing and Shooting. I must admit that while I was thinking about this rating that I would give his NIF a 9.5 AT LEAST. So you must ask yourself: Is he worth the extra coins? For me yes, he is better, but also he allows me to get Atal on full chemistry (who is just insanely good). Which was a huge selling point for me.

Value for coins:

I don’t think you will find many better cards for this price. In his price range at the moment you find Maradona 91 and Dalglish 90 and I can’t imagine they would be better (haven’t tried them (yet)). I also managed to snipe him for 1.432m so I’m completely happy with his price.

Thanks for reading everyone and see you soon with another review,


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in the value for coins section “I don’t think you will FIND many better cards for this price”
and pretty good review, thanks


When will be the best time to buy nif neymar and nif mbappe on xbox?thanks


Depends on how long you are willing to wait. In the long term, they will continue to decrease with time. In the short term, at the end of promos on a Sunday/Monday is usually a good time.


Hello Chief, I want to thank you for good work you have been doing, keep it up! I have been following you since fut 18 and you helped me out countless times. I have a question- i want to buy 89 Ronaldinho for my team in the next 2 weeks, when do u think the best time will be for that? should i wait until the end of the festive season to see if we will get all the rest of the icon swaps (which should drive Ronaldinho 89 price lower) or his price will go up, as it might be on its lowest, since so many people selling their players before TOTY?
I have the same question about Messi 94 and Cristiano Ronaldo 94. Please help, thank you in advance!


Sorry if I left the comment at the wrong place. YouAverageFuttie, you made a good review, man, we need some more. How do you find 5 atb formation?


Hard to say. Refer to my most recent tweet about how I feel about the market.