Player Review: Inform Gabriel Jesus

Hey everyone,

Time for one of FUT’s recent years meta cards. Gabriel Jesus, we didn’t get an 84 Futmas card, but we did get an 84 In Form. I remember using Jesus in FIFA 18 when he still had a 4* WF and he was great. This year he has a 3* WF, which is why I haven’t used him earlier this FIFA. However with this IF, his lacking Futmas card and the fact that he was so meta past FIFA’s, made it time for a review.


He is bad, end of review. This must be one of the worst cards I’ve used this fifa. Are you familiar with the Fight or Flight response? Well Jesus doesn’t have either. He just freezes whenever an opponent gets near him. I never encountered something like this. At first I thought it was EA adjusting the gameplay, but Reus had no issues what so ever. After 15 matches Jesus was still doing the same.

  • Positions played: ST in 352 and 532
  • Chemistry Style: Marksman
  • Games Played: 15
  • Goals/Assists: 4/1
  • Game mode: Rivals

Squad used in

Apologies for the futbin picture, I had already sold most of the team.


Shooting & Passing

Honestly his 3* WF felt like a 2* WF and his strong foot felt like a 3* WF. The only time he scored was when he had as much space as the back of a Rolls Royce. As soon as he was put under pressure he either rolled the ball in the goalies gloves or he aimed for the moon. There was no in between. His passing was no where near his 75 base stat suggests. After the first few matches I didn’t even dare passing with his WF anymore and I didn’t attempt anything more difficult than a 5m pass. I didn’t even think about one touch passes anymore.

  • Shooting: 4.5/10
  • Passing: 4/10

Pace & Dribbling

Finally a stat where he gets a passing grade. His pace felt like alright. He’s no Usain Bolt, but he is no snail either. The only problem was his inability to perform under pressure. So as soon as a defender got in his personal space you could forget getting away. He’ll just roll over and give up. His dribbling was fine as well, he executed skill moves quickly and could turn on a dime. As long as he wasn’t under pressure. I am not sure where this was coming from because 82 composure isn’t that low. All I know is that he did not spark joy.

  • Pace: 8/10
  • Dribbling: 5/10

Physical and Defending

Another stat where he under performs. He did not feel strong at all, he has 80 jumping apparantly. Well I didn’t notice it. All in all he felt weak all the time, wether he was battling shoulder to shoulder or holding off a defender. He just got pushed around.

  • Physical: 5/10
  • Defending: N/A

Rating: 4.5/10

I honestly tried to find anything good about him. I sincerely hope it was my fault and not his. He was just so bad for me, I was ready to give up on him after 6 matches, but a peptalk from Chief made me perservere. I’m just glad it’s over now. Next card I’ll be trying is Mané TOTY and I am stoked.

Value for coins:

He is 55k or something right now and I feel like gold Ben Yedder will do a better job than him. I would not spend a penny on him ever again. Not on this 84 IF, not on his base gold and not on a TOTS if he’d get one.

This wasn’t a fun review sadly, I had hoped for more. Thanks for reading though,


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Would love to see the teams you played and what division you are in. My mate just finished Elite One with him up top and score around fifty goals or something

Norocel Salbaticu

I have also used Jesus IF this weekend, but I was not impressed. He moves a little odd and he is not superior to his gold card. His shot is a little better, but his agility feels under the one of the gold card. It’s not awful, has good pace and he scores a lot, at the same rate as his gold card (both with Hunter chem). But I was expecting a much better performance. On the other hand, at this price there are not too many options (I tried Aguero, Salah (both gold and IF), Kane, Son, Lacazette, Vardy IF, Zaha IF, Batshuayi IF, King IF, Rashford Xmas).
Till now both Sala’s are the best 🙂


In your opinion, bernardo silva moments worth the 300k? I’ve 400k and an amateur team. Do you would say its a good investment? His card seens like a end fifa, what u think?

Pedro Guedes

Hello chief… An off-topic question
I just packed tradeable kante toty
Should I sell it now?
Thank you for the advice


I would sell on Thursday/Friday as people buy their WL squads. You can list for lazy buyers in the meantime.


Fully agree. He was awful for me and sold at a loss just to get rid of him