Player Review: Headliner Varane

Hey everyone,

Our first week of Headliners has  come to an end and let’s finish it with my first Headliner review: Raphaël Varane. I didn’t have much time this week so I only had two days to play with my team, but seeing how I managed to get 20 matches done, I felt confident that I could write a proper review on the important players of my team. Headliners, Swaps or TOTY related.


I picked Varane, because of his easy linkability due to his nation. And the fact that he has 86 Pace, so all of you pacelovers will surely give him a look. I have used his gold card before and I was content at what he did for me, but I didn’t give him the proper attention to write a review on him. This time I would keep a close eye on Varane to not miss anything important. He would play LCB in my favorite 352 formation with Mendy at LM and Luiz next to him at CB.

  • Positions played: CB in 352
  • Chemistry Style: Shadow
  • Games Played: 20
  • Goals/Assists: 0/0
  • Game mode: Rivals

Squad used in

Shooting & Passing

I used him to shoot one time and he missed, by 5m, while the goal was empty, from 3m out.. So yeah, not that great, but who would have expected otherwise. I haven’t tested it enough anyway to give it a rating so forget about it. His passing looks pretty poor at 67, but a closer look reveals 81 Short Passing and 82 Long Passing and I really noticed these stats. He rarely missed a pass and I wasn’t afraid to launch Mendy in behind with a high through ball. His 3* WF wasn’t really noticable while passing, I didn’t try said through balls with his WF though.

  • Shooting: N/A
  • Passing: 7.2/10

Pace & Dribbling

This is where a lot of people get excited and a lot of people get hesitant while looking at these stats. His pace is phenomenal as he is able to catch up with most attackers. With the Shadow chemistry applied he has 96 Acceleration and 99 Sprint Speed. So him catching up with attackers shouldn’t come as a surprise. I really enjoyed his pace as he played at LCB so he came up to wingers a lot. His dribbling however is what scares of a lot of people I imagine. 41 Balance is really poor and overall his dribbling was really noticable. Not in a good way either. He turns like a truck and not your average Ford F-150, but more like those huge trucks they use in those massive quarries. I bet you could run 2 circles around him with Neymar before he’d be facing the right way.

  • Pace: 9.5/10
  • Dribbling: 4.4/10

Physical and Defending

His defensive stats are more than fine, but this didn’t translate to results in game. He seemed to struggle against high through balls in behind somehow. He’d be first to the ball, but then couldn’t intercept it. I’m not sure what was going on, but I expected so much more. Time and time again I was let down by poor tackles or missed interceptions. I just felt like lesser cards would perform better. His phyiscal is decent for a CB, 82 jumping is on the low side, 90 Strength is quite good and his Aggression is alright at 80. However combine his Strength with his Balance and it he gets pushed off the ball quite easily. All in all I was expecting much more from stats like these.

  • Physical: 7.5/10
  • Defending: 7.3/10

Rating: 7.3/10

A 7.3 is not what you want when you pay this much for a CB. He constantly underperformed, let me down and give away goals. He did things right, sure, but compared to Luiz and even Sissoko at CB. He was just poor. I was really dissapointed that I commited to Varane as he ruined some of the little time I had this week to play.

Value for coins:

So yeah, no, don’t get this card for this price. First of all, you’re paying a lot extra for potential future upgrades. Second of all, there are so many better defenders out there for so much less! Even TOTY De Ligt is around his price and he is 100 times better I reckon (Haven’t tried him yet).

I hope that this is helpful to some extent and that you stay away from this card for this price,


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