Player Review: Flashback David Luiz

Hey everyone,

One of the SBC’s we saw during TOTY was David Luiz’ Flashback card. I know what a hugely popular card he was last year as he was a part of my team for a long time. At 500k he is very expensive this time around so, as the good public service provider that I am. I completed him and will now, hopefuly, help you to decide wether or not you should complete him.


I only used him at CB, where last year he often moved to CDM in the final 20 minutes of the game. This year I prefer my CDM’s to be a bit more agile, so CB it was. I had high hopes for him, because eventhough I only spend 300k or so, it was still a big chunk of cash thrown at an untradeable CB. So I really hoped he performed.

  • Positions played: CB in 352 and 532
  • Chemistry Style: Shadow
  • Games Played: 40
  • Goals/Assists: 0/1
  • Game mode: Rivals

Squad used in

Shooting & Passing

He didn’t shoot once so we can skip that. He did pass though, so we can luckily take a look there. The stats are excellent and they translate in game. I never shy away from playing the risky pass to break free and start a counter attack. He is my favorite CB to start my build up with. His assist came from an interception, a run forward and beautifuly delivered through ball on Mané. He is really fun to use and I am more than satisfied with his passing. His 3* WF also feels really decent and certainly helps getting out of those high pressure situations.

  • Shooting: N/A
  • Passing: 8.1/10

Pace & Dribbling

I remember when a friend of mine was playing the fifa 20 beta and he told me pace wasn’t as important this year. Well here we are 6 months further and guess who has a shadow on an 83 CB? This guy. 93 Acceleration and 95 Sprintspeed is fast. Not lightning fast, but he is definitely able to catch up with most attackers. He won’t catch Mbappé, but even Mbappé can’t catch Mbappé. Combine this with his more than sufficient dribbling and you have a real defensive menace to your opponents. I said I want my CDM’s to be more agile this year, but with that I meant like Kanté agile. Luiz is one of the most agile defenders I have used this fifa and doesn’t fall over when you encounter one of the constant dragbackers. With his 3* skill moves I love doing some Zidane turns and just watch those curls twirl.

  • Pace: 9.1/10
  • Dribbling: 7.3/10

Physical and Defending

He is a wall, a wall with pretty curly hair. He is able to extend his legs to make tackles and interceptions you would never consider possible. I don’t think there are many better defenders out there right now and I don’t think there will be for a while. He feels really solid and as someone you can rely on. His physicality is a huge help, but his high stats do have a downside. His 96 Aggression does result in some penalties where you didn’t even touch the tackle button. In 45 games this happened twice which could result in some very frustrating Weekend League matches. Besides that his strength and jumping is more than enough for the game right now.

  • Physical: 8/10
  • Defending: 9.5/10

Rating: 9.1/10

In the end I went with a 9.1 rating, he is a really good defender and I really enjoy him. His nationality makes him easy to link although sadly he is at Arsenal now, so no more strong link to Kanté. He does link to alot of other strong CB’s like VVD, Militao RTTF and Diego Carlos RTTF. All in all I don’t regret doing the sbc and I see him being in my team for a long time. He is not top tier, TOTY/Maldini, end game level, but if you’re looking for an almost top tier card, he is your man.

Value for coins:

I did the sbc for 300k or so and I think and he is definitely worth that. He is the same price as gold VVD and I can see why, he is up there on his level. So if you don’t see yourself putting more than 1m in your CB’s for the next few months, go ahead and do the sbc. If you do want to spend more on your CB’s in the foreseeable future, stay away.

I really hope this has it’s use. Let me know if you have or are going to complete it,


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