Player Review: Base Ronaldo vs TOTYN Ronaldo

Hey folks,

Welcome back to another review, this time we’re going big. I decided I wanted to try base Ronaldo and I was thinking in what team I could review him best. Somehow I ended up with Cristiano Ronaldo in there as well. That’s when the idea for a face off review sprung to mind.


Obviously I put both these legends at the ST positions. They were feared by almost all defenders and the instigators of many rage quits, hate messages and quite possibly some dirty undies. I considered playing CR7 with an Engine on LCAM, but decided it would ruin the comparability between the two. So they were perched up top in 352 and 532 for 35 matches. I used Bruno Fernandes TOTGS as their CAM for 20 matches and for the remaining 15 matches Pirlo would be their supplier. The reason for this was the fact that Bruno couldn’t deliver the supply the Ronaldo’s deserved, but more on that later when Bruno will get his own review.

Base Ronaldo 90 with Bruno

  • Positions played: ST in 352 and 532
  • Chemistry Style: Maestro
  • Games Played: 20
  • Goals/Assists: 15/4
  • Game mode: Rivals

TOTYN Ronaldo 94 with Bruno

  • Positions played: ST in 352 and 532
  • Chemistry Style: Sniper
  • Games Played: 20
  • Goals/Assists: 12/7
  • Game mode: Rivals

Base Ronaldo 90 with Pirlo

  • Positions played: ST in 352
  • Chemistry Style: Maestro
  • Games Played: 15
  • Goals/Assists: 16/3
  • Game mode: Rivals

TOTYN Ronaldo 94 with Pirlo

  • Positions played: ST in 352
  • Chemistry Style: Sniper
  • Games Played: 15
  • Goals/Assists: 15/5
  • Game mode: Rivals

Squads used in

Shooting & Passing 

A good CAM is very important to players like these as their passing isn’t top notch. I really noticed R9’s poor passing in particular. I really had to refrain myself from trying too many difficult passes, because they would never get to their destination. Even though I had the Maestro chem style applied. CR7 was the superior one in this area, as you can see by his amount of assists. Although I wouldn’t try too many complicated through balls with him either.

So when you have a CAM that can’t deliver, you won’t get the best out of either of these bad boys. They really rely on their CAM and on what they can create themselves through their physique and dribbling abilities. This also reflects their passing abilities. After I brought Pirlo in, they both scored more goals than they did with Bruno as CAM, in less matches. When they get enough supply, be ready to just hit that shoot button whenever you have an inch of space. When you release a shot with either, there are no words. Just watch the video I post below.

Somehow I expected CR7 to be the top gun in this section, but it turned out to be R9. He was just a tad more clinical and more often in the right position. CR7 sometimes felt held back in his shots, like EA wouldn’t release his full potential. Which was weird, because R9 has way lower Composure. Although they both have a 4* WF, where it felt correctly for CR7, it felt like a 5* WF for R9.

  • R9’s Shooting: 9.8/10
  • CR7’s Shooting: 9.5/10
  • R9’s Passing: 6.8/10
  • CR7’s Passing: 7.3/10

Pace & Dribbling

Portugal the man isn’t slow, but he looks like a tortoise compared to the old Ronaldo. R9 feels so much faster than his 94 pace suggest. His acceleration is immense. He could start running 5m infront of a defender, be past him in 2 seconds and would disapear at the horizon before you could blink. I love doing some scissors with him and then blasting away in the sunset.

CR7 felt like his base pace and I can imagine people running a Hunter or Engine on him. I went with Sniper, because I feel like his pace is enough and he needed the dribbling boost. I considered Engine, but I wanted top of the line finishing from either.

They both felt a bit clunky, especially at lower speeds. When they got going, it all went much smoother. In the end I loved dribbling with either. R9 because he just looks so cool while doing it and CR7 because he has 5* skills.

  • R9’s Pace: 9.8/10
  • CR7’s Pace: 9/10
  • R9’s Dribbling: 9/10
  • CR7’s Dribbling: 8.9/10

Physical and Defending

So the Brazillian has higher strength than the Portuguese top scorer. I just checked it before writing this and I am baffled. CR7 only has 79 strength, I never paid attention to it, as I always expected it to be 85+ or something, because that’s how it feels in game. He is so strong that he holds off big Virg with ease. R9 comes in at 82 and he doesn’t feel half as strong as Cristiano. I mean he is no weakling either, but the difference is there and not how the stats suggest.

  • R9’s Physical: 8/10
  • CR7’s Physical: 9.3/10
  • R9’s Defending: N/A
  • CR7’s Defending: N/A

R9’s Rating: 9.5/10

What a card, unbelievable how much fun he has given me. I am genuinly sad to see him go. I used his Prime last year and this card looked so much worse that I almost didn’t bother with him, but boy was I wrong. I can’t wait till I have the chance to slot him in again.

CR7’s Rating: 9.1/10

In the end the current Ronaldo has to bow down to the old Ronaldo. CR7 is an amazing card, but he just couldn’t bring what R9 brings. He is strong, fast, clinical and awesome, but there was something not clicking. Last year he was the absolute meta and this year he just doesn’t fit in as much.

Value for coins:

I sold CR7 for 1.25m, where I managed to snipe him on the sunday before for 1m. His gold card sits at 833k at the moment and is the TOTYN worth the extra 500k coins? No, you can get Messi IF for the same price and in my honest opinion I think gold messi is already better.

R9 sold for 2.05m and I am very happy with that since I got him for 1.8m. 300k+ profit on 2 cards that have brought me so much fun is awesome. Do I feel like R9 is worth 2m? Yes, at his price range we find TOTGS Messi, prime Garrincha and Butra, Mbappé TOTGS and base Cruyff. From those I could only see Messi being better. I must say that at 1.6m you can get Neymar IF and I feel like that card offered more to me, it might be that Neymar fits me better.

This was my first head to head review and it was really fun to write. I hope you guys enjoyed it too,


Ronaldo vs Ronaldo Highlights

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PlayerPositionGames PlayedGoalsAssistsRating
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TOTYN RonaldoST3527129.1
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Base ZambrottaRM20118.5
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Prime EssienCDM20189.6
Base RonaldinhoCAM2014198.9
TOTY De JongCDM/RM20379.5
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Future Star João FélixST/CAM3019109.5
Future Star TonaliCDM301119.4
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ShapeShifter AtalST/CAM/CDM/RB4015129
ShapeShifter RibéryST/CAM355158.2
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I think they will decrease throughout the weekend.


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Your best indicator is to look at TOTY cards from FIFA 19.


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